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Thoughts and Reflections on Scripture



Friday, May 31st, 2019
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Are you needy?

Sometimes I meet people who present themselves as highly successful, amazing, individuals. They seem preoccupied with how wonderful they are, and I often ponder how they can be so self-deceived.

I suspect that part of the reason people want to come across as amazing, is that they want others to like them. Perhaps they think that if they talk about all of their successes and abilities, then others will be impressed.

The opposite is usually true.

I do understand how demeaning it can seem to confess of one's own insignificance. To be unremarkable seems like a step away from being unworthy, and no one wants to be unworthy, especially before God.

Yet, in David's Prayer, from Psalm 86, he appeals to God by saying, “For I am poor and needy...” It's the first of several reasons he proposes to God for why God should help him.

Why does David think that confessing his own inabilities, and admitting his own weakness, should cause God to hear and answer him? It's because David knows that God is full of love and compassion. He knows that God is, in fact, moved by David's neediness. He's correct! A proud and haughty heart is despised by the Lord.

Many of us are afraid that if we don't deserve God's care, we won't receive it. The actual truth is that we could never deserve it, for we are incredibly unworthy. All of us.

We think we must somehow induce God to forgive us, through tears, promises of better behaviour, religious observances; in fact, God is ready to forgive us now, and we need only admit our weakness.

Don't wait to repent, and to ask for forgiveness. Time doesn't make God more forgiving. It isn't possible! He is ready to forgive you now. Admit to your weakness, own up to your faults, tell him you are poor and needy, and the God of compassion will hear!