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Thoughts and Reflections on Scripture



Friday, November 29th, 2019
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I know it sounds extreme, but sometimes it feels like we live in a world that hates peace.

We hear on the news all the time, of demonstrations and fighting between corrupt government officials and desperate citizens who long for their freedoms.

At the time of this writing, protests are happening in a lot of different places: Hong Kong, Iraq, Paris, Lebanon, Spain/Catalan, Chile, Bolivia, and Ecuador. There may be more.

I feel compassion for citizens stuck in a corrupt, unfair country. I cannot imagine the stress one might face from struggling with extreme poverty, while also watching your elected officials enjoying more than they need. The Internet has made it easy to compare ourselves to not just our nearby neighbours, but also those from wealthier countries.

Though I support the right to protest, the Psalm today should remind us that there are those who hate peace, and who "are for war," as it says in verse seven. We can rail against our government officials, but we should really be crying out to the Lord. He will deliver us from lying lips and deceitful tongues.

So often we think that the world's problems may be solved by good government. Many times we decide to put our trust in political systems. It's hard for us to really grasp that when hearts are hardened toward God, all these earthly systems are prone to selfishness and corruption.

It's only when we put our trust in God, and allow ourselves to be changed by Him, that we will see our world transformed.

As we come upon the season of Advent, pray for new birth in this world. Pray that hearts will turn to the only One who can save.