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Jason Silver

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I Love You (4:02)

by Jason Silver (played 13 times)


If you told me yhesterday I might never believe it
'Cause my mind just plays games, and that's how I leave it
I left my pride out, roaring lion of disgrace
I feel the blows from just the grimace on your face
And now confused, I stand shaking in this place.

What we have just means too much to throw away.
Our love's meant to last beyond this winter day.
Inside I am trembling, but I need to say,
“I love you, I love you,
“I love you."

Pressure grows and things get hard. They never get easier.
And we see what's in our hearts: all of the evil there
I thought that love was meant to be a fairy tale
And if we stop there, then our love is doomed to fail
Let's not give up but set our hearts to sail.