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Jason Silver

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Not Worlds Apart

by Jason Silver (played 4 times)


Day after day I Follow the same road
Where does this pathway go?
Passing these people, We're walking the same way,
But don't even say hello
We're goin nowhere, Looking for happy
Buying our life of pain
I see in the eyes, all hollow and hopeful
despair we can hardly contain

So let's get out of this place, Let's not delay
Cause it's madness to chase All your dreams away
Come on, do something crazy, Someone has to start
We gotta live our lives
Like we're not worlds apart
Cause we're not worlds apart.

People are shadows
Lost in the darkness
Can't find our way back home
Hungry for kindness,
Hating our blindess
Thinking we're all alone

Moments are treasures Like smiles and babies and breath
And I will cherish each moment Like it's the last