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Jason Silver

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Jump the Moon

by Jason Silver (played 12 times)


Tonight I saw a blood-red moon,
And it made me think of you.
Red is the colour of love and the colour of anger
Tonight I saw a blood-red moon
So I had to write this tune
Cause red is the colour of fire, and the colour of danger

If you will lift your eyes
And look into the skies
Keep your gaze away from all things blue
We can improvise
Severing bad ties
If it's true for me, it's true for you
Come on, jump the moon.

Tonight I felt the cold and
I shivered uncontrolled
Look heaven in the eye and face my demons
Cause crying has grown old
So lets break out of the mold
Calling war on me and facing treason

They say just don't look down
So high above the town
Keep your eyes on me and on the sages
Hear that crying sound?
The scream of lost not found
Terror grips the weak all through the ages