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Jason Silver

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Runaway Train

by Jason Silver (played 19 times)


I've got my ear to the rail,
I can hear the train coming
Like a rumble in my chest
Just a-pounding and a-drumming
Hear the calling of the night,
Thunder waking up the town
There's a flash of light
But this engine's not slowing down

I can't stop, I can't slow down
I cannot turn this train around
I have lost my baby, now she's gone
I said some things that made her cry
I could see it in her eye
Disbelief that I would cause her pain
Now it's a run-away train.

Roaring down the track at
Ninety miles an hour
With the wind at my back,
I can feel the power
If you want to make your stop
You got to jump this train
'Cause I'm not slowing down,
And I'm not going back again.