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Jason Silver

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Are You Leaving Me

by Jason Silver (played 5 times)


So tired, but I can't keep my eyes off of you
So alone, though we've been sitting here for an hour or two
Afraid that this is not a dream; that I'm awake
Amazed that you would call our love a big mistake

Pre Chorus:
And I never thought I'd lose you, I always thought we'd try
But things have just got busy, we've been passing in the night

Where you going? Are you leaving me?
Are you knowing what you mean to me?
My love.

You cried, but tears can't find their way down my face
We tried but we're both gonna lose in this race
You said that all you ever wanted was to fly
I know that we could not get closer to the sky.

I'll never leave I will always be here
Waiting for you and to wipe every tear
Stronger than romance and bigger than fear
Our love.