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Jason Silver

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Ghost Town

by Jason Silver (played 21 times)


There's no one seen here anymore
All the windows are doors
It's a ghost town
Remember how we loved to laugh?
What we used to have?
Now it's a ghost town

I keep on hoping for a change
And now it strikes me as strange
Try to write down
But words just can't describe the pain
The icy stare of your disdain
Your dark frown

I called the wind to blow
And now the tumble weeds roll

We're all alone here
We'll never see the sun
Lost in our home dear,
It's only just begun
This is the frontier
Our battle can't be won
So come to me, let's take a step down
Away from this ghost town

I can't remember what it's like
To look into your eyes
Before I lied.
You gaze back empty like you feel
You don't bother to conceal
You already cried.