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Jason Silver

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Until the Train Comes (5:18)

by Jason Silver (played 21 times)


I've been waiting for the train
I've been standng at the station.
Every whistle call has beckoned me,
But here I stand.
I've tried sleepin' in the rain
Covered with the Sunday paper
Yellow windows shining on the street
And here I stand.

I can't move,
I won't bend
I might break if I get up again
I can't sing, afraid I'll cry
I can't live because you said goodbye
Darkness holds me in her arms
I can't see a way to leave her charms
I'll keep holding on,
Until the train comes to take me.

I've been packing up my bags
Holding onto every moment.
Loaded down with painful memories
So I can't move.
The baggage man has got my ticket
Luggage piled all around me
I would love to travel light
But I'm too scared.

Hear the whistle blowin',
See the steam risin',
Smell the coal burning, baby
That's my soul hurtin'
Maybe I can flag this engine down,
Get the brakeman on the ground,
Find my way,
All Aboard,
This train is leaving town.