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Jason Silver

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Psalm 87 (3:20)

by Jason Silver (played 9 times)


This Psalm is very interesting to me simply because in most English translations, the second half is so hard to understand.

In coming up with the lyrics, I read many English translations before I finally found one that seemed to make a little sense. Maybe it's just me being dense, and you'll say you have never had a problem making sense of the words.

I finally settled on a translation that isn't terribly popular: Today's Living Bible. Since nearly every song in my collection uses the New Revised Standard Version, I felt a bit guilty for going this way, but I would rather a song that made sense.

It's actually quite beautiful, isn't it? It seems fitting too, in a day-and-age when Jerusalem and the nation of Israel are so often slandered by the media and those outside the Christian or Jewish religion.

God bless you!

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High on His holy mountain
Stands Jerusalem,
The city of God, the city he loves
More than any other.
Oh city of God, what wondrous tales are told of you!

Selah (rest, think)

Now when I mention to my friends
The names of Egypt or
Babylonia, Philistia, or Tyre or Ethiopia
Someone boasts that he was born in one of those countries!

But someday, the highest honour
Will be to be a native of
God's Jerusalem!

For God, who's above all gods
Will personally bless this city,
O, my Jerusalem!

When he registers her citizens
He'll place a check beside
A checkmark beside the names of those
Born here, then in the festivals
They'll sing, "Oh my heart, my heart is in Jerusalem!"

Someday, the highest honour
Will be to be a native of
God's Jerusalem!

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