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Jason Silver

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Keep me in Prayer

It sounds like a trope, but it's true! Prayer is so critical and can make such a difference. I am so eager to have you pray for me, my family, and this ministry!

Reach out to me if you'd like some personal requests to pray for. I'd like to pray for you as well!

Share and Comment

The way the algorithms work on most of the sites out there, like iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, etc. is that the more something is commented on and shared, the more likely these sites are going to show other people the content. So it's absolutely critical that people partipate in this type of activity.

Unfortunately, this is not happening for me, and so I am always struggling with obscurity.

I've been putting together a new section on this web site to help. Please check it out: Social Networking

Help Financially

There are a couple of ways you can donate to this project.

The first is by becoming a patron through Patreon.com. At Patreon, you can dedicate a monthly amount to artists and creators you love, and in return receive gifts and benefits. I upload MP3s of my music each week, as well as sheet music and chord charts.

The second way is a simple financial contribution, through whichever system is most convenient to you. From time to time, people ask if they can play my songs in their church, and if they need to make a payment to do so. It's not mandatory, by any means, although a love-offering is very much appreciated! You can use PayPal (send to music@jasonsilver.com), or send a cheque in the mail. Reach out to me through this contact form or initiate a chat with me to talk about it more, if you like.

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Thanks again!