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Song-A-Day Number 38 - Believe

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by Jason Silver
4/19/2008 9:57 p.m.

Late in the night
After the moon rise
People come down
Down to the shore let’s
Lift up our heads
Look to the new skies
Always profound
Who looks anymore

Stars in the sky
Too many to number
Make us feel small
How can we count when
We count for nothing
In light of it all
In light of it all

Do we perceive
Are we naive?
Does anyone does anyone
Still believe?

Here in the dark
We stand in shadow
Blackness that’s made
By this ball of earth but
Still we can see
Eyes have adjusted are
We in the way?
Shading the day?

If it was just me
I’d give it all, I don’t care
What do we have to lose to love
Could we give it all?

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