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Song-A-Day Number 8 - Siren Eyes

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No idea where this one came from— I know, it’s kind of weird… but it was fun to do!!

Is it just me or am I getting worse at this? LOL

On a side note, this is a recording of my newer 17 lbs piano— doesn’t record as nicely as the expensive one, but I’ve sold the expensive one — and they’re coming to pick it up soon, so I figure I better get used to the smaller one!


Siren Eyes
by Jason Silver
2/16/2008 11:20 p.m.

The clock it struck at one, the moon I could not see
Dark clouds were shadowing, and evil upon me
I shivered in my cloak and pulled my collar tight
To ward away the cold; and to supress the fright

My shoes upon the stone, a sound to welcome me
But I was too afraid, so turned toward the sea
Where echos from the bay, and cries of pure delight
Began to drown the gloom, on this midsummer’s night

Calling me… to come
Tempting me… to rise
Luring me… to gaze
Into their deadly, lovely, siren eyes

Three ladies on the shore holding out their hands
Singing that sad song, that no one understands
I’d heard of this before, I recognized my plight
But could not pull away, to end this lovely sight

I see the heads of men; their bones are all around
But focus on her voice, I center on the sound
I’m drawn into my death, I’m facing my demise
But join into the song with painful, haunted, cries

Copyright 2008 Silver Ink.- All Rights Reserved. International copyright secured.

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