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Song a Day

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So I’ve decided to write a song a day!

The guy who has agreed to produce my next CD suggested I put that goal out in front of myself… that I’d need at least 40 songs going into this project to come out with ten for the CD.

It’s a little overwhelming— a song a day seems like an awful big mouthful. But a bite at a time, I think I can handle it.

Last night’s song actually came out quite cool, I think. And tonight’s was even better. Rather than chart them out, I just record them— it’s easier for me I guess.


Didn’t I
by Jason Silver

Didn’t I tell you? Maybe I didn’t.
Didn’t I warn you? I thought I did.
Didn’t you see it? ‘Cause you weren’t smiling…
I thought you knew then. I really did.

When I look to the sky I can see the world falling
When I look in your eyes “we” are gone
And I see lonely days looking back at lonely memories
To the tune of an old forgotten song

Didn’t start walking; just to trip up
I can’t accept that. No, I’m not that bad.
Why are you still here? We’ve got to leave it now
And in the morning I will be gone

Copyright 2008 Silver Ink.- All Rights Reserved. International copyright secured.

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Feb 09, 2008, 15:57 [home/webdesign/perl_scripts]
ESC - Excel Shopping Cart

I’ve just created a great little shopping cart script. I’ve called it ESC (for Excel Shopping Cart). It’s quick and easy to set up, and all products are added by uploading a tab-delimited spreadsheet. Easy!

What about customization?

You can have as many fields as you want, all customized exactly the way you want them. As long as there is a Price, a Name, and an ID column, everything else is automatic.

It’s got integrated templating and CSS, and is very fast. It learns how to use your database automatically! Hardly any setup is necessary to get underway.

Any payment solution can be integrated into the script with a minimum of effort— or you can just opt to get an email upon each order completion.

I’ve worked with some pretty big shopping carts, and I usually walk away frustrated. This is quick, easy, and headache free. You’ve got to try it!


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