Mon, 28 Jan 2008

Jan 28, 2008, 01:10 [home/music]
Old Songs Have New Life

Here it is one a.m., and I’ve got to work tomorrow. Terrible. I really prefer to live the night-owl life, though. I don’t feel that terrible.

It’s this late because I’ve been remastering a bunch of old songs, mostly stuff recorded from 1998 to 2000. These songs aren’t bad, but the original tracks are all lost (from an old recording platform I don’t use anymore) so all I have are these poor mixdowns. At ten p.m. tonight, I thought I’d give a go to equalize, compress and tweak a few to see if I could make anything half-way listenable out of them.

It turns out that I can! They’re not half-bad! There’s a few places where some peaking distortion just can’t be removed, and other places where I’m singing a little out of tune. Stuff like that. If I could do the tracks again, I might mix out an instrument here or there. But overall, I’m pretty happy— considering that otherwise these are just lost songs and wasted time.

So now, it’s one a.m., and I should go to bed, but I’ve got 10 songs remastered and e.q’d, and almost ready to be put together into a CD master. I will just give these songs away for free- they’re maybe not worth selling… I hope someone gets some enjoyment out of them. There’s a couple of frivolous songs on there too.

I’ll upload them when everything’s ready to go, so keep an eye out!


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