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Jason Silver

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by Jason Silver (played 8 times)


I'm scared; I made a wrong turn,
Now I'm lost here-- alone.
Life spared, so allay your concern.
Just my fear of unknown.
I opened the door to see what's inside
Not alone anymore, but there's no where to hide

I am Lost, or maybe I'm dead
Faced with demons of smoke, and a jungle of dread
All my memories they taunt me
My past actions they haunt me again
I am lost.

I try. Yeah, I'm doing our best,
Got a long way to go.
Won't cry, and I won't get depressed
Though the days move so slow.
The memories of pain; each moment's regret
We cannot explain but we'll never forget

Stranded, I wait on the shore,
Fire burning so bright
Remanded, I will beckon once more,
Hope to see you tonight
If help doesn't come, if you never arrive
Then I pray I become a man who surives