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Jason Silver

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You Enrapture Me (3:43)

by Jason Silver


I see you flipping pages
Brush the hair out of your eye
That look of concentration and mild irritation
With your magazine

I could sit like this for ages
Like an undercover spy
Utter fascination, you are my one temptation
You enrapture me

But then the moments over,
Maybe our kids, they start crying
Or the telephne rings

You are still the woman that I love
You will always be the one for me
If I could take us back, I'd do it all again,
I would not change a thing.
You are still the woman that I want
And time just helps me see how much I need
There's nothin' that you lack,
You're my woman, that's a fact,
And you enrapture me.

Sometimes when we're walking,
And we stop to get a drink
Overcome with admiration when I see you in creation:
You are so lovely

Late at night, we're talkin',
And you bite your lip to think
Just a moment's hesitation as you seek an explantaion
How it moves me.