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Jason Silver

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Afternoon is Haunting

by Jason Silver


Midnight comes, I'm waiting, wondering
Why you haven't called?
One o'clock now, and I must close my eyes
Two a.m. goes by, then three, four, five,
Still you are nowhere near
Sleep would be great, but it's already eight,
And the afternoon is haunting.

Every afternoon I think about that place
I remember how the moon, it shone upon your face
I can still recall your eyes; they burn into my mind
And I can't forget the lies, but baby, how I want to.

I can't believe the time, look
It's already half-past nine
I fell asleep at ten, just closed my eyes
I'll wait until noon, then one and two,
Has it really been three years?
Four o'clock, I go for a walk
But the afternoon is haunting.