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Jason Silver

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by Jason Silver


Daddy told me, "Son,
"Look after your girl,
"Show her lots of love,
"Offer her the world."
Mamma said, "My boy,
"Treat her with respect,
"Keep her in your heart,"
"Cherish and protect."

Family has a way
of knowin what to do
So I'll follow their advice,
And I won't let go of you

Come on, let's start a family of our own
We will, find a house- and turn it to a home
With babies on the floor, and sunlight streaming in our eyes
It's you I want, it's you I need
And I want nothing more than our love to succeed
Our love will last, hope you agree.
So come on, let decide to be a family

Uncle winked an eye,
An elbow in my side
Nodding at your smile
It filled me up with pride
Grandpa hugged you tight
A tear welled in his eyes
Remembering his own girl
And tearful last goodbyes