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Jason Silver

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For You

by Jason Silver (played 10 times)


All I can remember is that starry night
On those trembling seas, just a shattered peace.
Time will not restore the love I tore apart
For a foolish fling, now I'm nothing.

I walked upon a rope when it could not hold tight
It sent me reeling down, like a foolish clown.
Pierced now with these wooden spears I can't get up
I'm in a pit so deep, in a deadly sleep.

Why do you seem so much more beautiful
When I can't have you? I wish that I'd been true.
The thrill was just to get away from fingers tight;
From our love so rare. I thought you'd still be there.

I don't want to beg, I doubt if that would help
But please come back to me, I feel so lonely.
I know you're self-sufficient, and you've got to live
But you're still my wife; I need you in my life.

The other now is left behind in sheer disgust
But I'm so dirty now, I hope that you allow
Me back into your arms, into security.
Won't you please just say that you forgive me today.