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Jason Silver

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by Jason Silver


I cannot stand you, you reek of ommission
I hate there's so much you won't say, and don't do.
Oh, you disgust me: you deal so injustly.
All of the time, what you say is untrue.

You are history,
We'll end the mystery,
And I'll disagree today.
No more disavow,
We've got progress now.
Kill the sacred cow this way.

Stuck in a rut, and no hope to escape it.
Dare not admit that I'm hopelessly lost.
Hold to the one path, the road to perdition
Left, nor the right, terrified of the cost

Yes, I am sound of mind,
And leaving it all behind
Everything's redefined
Lives that are interwined
Embracing the uncombined
I know it is much maligned
You might be disinclined
But abandon the daily grind