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Jason Silver

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There's the Door

by Jason Silver


This is a live recording, done at Philpott Memorial Church, on their grand piano. Tom Bigas from Fonic Factory recorded it.


Darlin', Oh darlin' (that's you)
I guess I won't be seein' you much no mo'
Well at first I was sad Then I got kinda mad,
I said, "darlin,
"There's the Door."

Baby, Oh Baby (that was you, ya)
Are you tryin' to start some kinda war?
You come traipsing in here, 'Spect me to not shed no tears.
Well forget it baby,
There's the door!

When you first left me darlin'
I was feelin' mighty blue.
I said, "What in the world am I gonna do!"
When, lo and behold, I found somebody new
And darlin', She's so much betta than you!

Darlin', Oh Baby (that was you)
I guess I won't be seein' you much no more.
Well at first I was mad, But now I am glad!
So I'll see you later, baby, there's the door!
Darlin... there's the door.