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Jason Silver

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Needing Yesterday

by Jason Silver (played 6 times)


Yesterday, we were different then
If I could travel back to when
If I could travel.
Maybe someday we will see again
We'll find the romance we knew then
If we could travel.

Your eyes are streams and I feel mean,
Did I have to say?
Oh for yesterday when we didn't know,
Know the words to use,
The hurtful things to say.

I want to travel back in time,
Back to where our love was fine,
I wish that we could go back to
Back to every moment today,
Not needing yesterday

Come with me lets start again
Let's find ourselves how we were then,
When my grandpa died,
Or that time you cried
I want to go to where we never fought
Never paused, and never thought,
It was better yesterday