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Jason Silver

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You and Me (3:56)

by Jason Silver (played 15 times)


You know I love you baby,
I love to touch your skin
To hold you in my arms forever
That's who I've always been.

Won't change my mind no matter
Our hearts are bound by love.
You're my happy ever after
The one I'm dreaming of.

Babe, it's you and me no other,
Just you with me, and me with you.
With dreams and kids, and love; I'll hold you.
You shine with light like stars above.

Your kiss stops time, my heart pounds baby,
I need your loving touch
One second away from you I just ain't that tough.
And when we step away from each other
You burn inside my soul.
It's love like Romeo, baby.
Don't leave me on my own!

Like stars above.
Hmmm hmmm mmm mmmm.