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Thoughts and Reflections on Scripture



Friday, March 21st, 2014
Related Song

I really love to sing; there's something so freeing about singing. It feels like the singing voice is somehow connected to a primordial, ancient wire, deep within my chest. I feel a connection to something bigger than I am, something older than I am, something true, and right, and good.

I'm sure it's partly to do with the sudden increase of oxygen as I breathe deeply to belt out my praise. It may have something to do with the psychology of group participation, since my brothers and sisters next to me are experiencing many of the same emotions. Whatever the physiological reasons, as I vocalize, it's almost as if something awakens within me.

I suspect that singing might be our true species vocalization- before words, even. I imagine our earliest ancestors joining in song as they stare into the fire, slowly becoming aware of the beauty and the complexity of the world around them.

So how appropriate, then, to sing to the Lord! Is there any better use of our vocal cords? The expression of our intellect and our emotions, our mind and our heart; the use of our tongue to glorify our great God, to tell of his glory, to testify to those around us that he is greatly to be praised, and revered above all "gods;" there is nothing more natural, nothing more beneficial.

It's one more important reason to go to church. Like a log on a fire, burning alone, the hermit-Christian will find his spiritual flame flickering, perhaps even extinguishing altogether. We must gather together, to share the flame of faith, to be part of the great, unified conflagration of spiritual awakening!

So sing along with Psalm 96 today! Open your mouth, sing out your praise! Ascribe to the Lord glory, and strength; tell the nations that the Lord is king!