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Thoughts and Reflections on Scripture


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Sunday, December 20th, 2015
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I normally don't write such poppy sounding songs-- I guess most of my songs sound pretty ‘acoustic,’ and ‘laid-back.’

But the sound of any song is SO influenced by it's drum track. Since I preferred 112 beats per minute for this song, and because I was rushed and didn't take the time to record my own drums, I was limited by the Royalty Free drum beats I could find.

I laid each of the three available drum beats down on top of each other, and loved the sound! The seemed to work well together, so I panned one to the left, one to the right, and one down the center... it's a different sound for me, but pretty fun!

Please help me spread the word, and share with your aquaintances!

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Thursday, July 30th, 2015
Related Song

As you may have noticed, I've been in the process of putting the Psalms to music for the last number of years... it's been such a cool experience to become intimately familiar with every word and phrase of these scriptures, to struggle with some of their meanings, to be moved by them, changed by them.

This Psalm, number 51, has become SO popular! When I wrote this, it's already at 66,180 views! Crazy! Most of my other Psalm have only a few hundred views.

I'd love it so much if you took a listen to some of my other Psalms, and maybe subscribe to my channel! I'd love to hear from you too, to pray for you even! Please connect with me.

God bless!

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Wednesday, July 8th, 2015
Related Song

If you've read any novels by J.R.R. Tolkien, you'll recall that his stories are full of mountain passages, secret gates, prophecy which foretell the coming of a great king. Just like this psalm, his stories include ancient doors and watching gates!

I think of Psalm 24 almost like it's a Lord of the Rings book. Verse 1 begins by describing this world and its inhabitants, the seas, the rivers, the mountains of God. Verse 4 tells us that only those with a pure heart and clean hands can ascend this great mountain (I think of Frodo here!), and when they do they will see the face of God, the God of our ancestor Jacob!

I love the part about the gates though! It's like magical gates that have heads, and can look up to watch for the coming King of glory! Ancient doors, which will open up only for the king!

May this Psalm be a blessing to your worship.

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