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Song-A-Day Number 23 - She Loves Me Not

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OK, I know I’m cheating a bit— was a busy night, so didn’t write a new song. Instead, I decided to re-record this song with just piano— I think it just suits it better than the synthy arrangement I did before. Comments?


She Loves Me Not
by Jason Silver
3/18/2008 11:11 p.m.

Iím not able
To take these roses off the table
Itís been three long months of watching
Every tender petal dropping

Red is the colour
Of firey passion for a lover
Scarletís turned and walked away now
Like this flower, Iíve lost my way

She loves me, she loves me not
She wants me, or sheís moving on.
There is just one petal left and I canít call it
And I dread the day that this last one is falling
She loves me or she loves me not.

The dust has settled
Itís covered eighty crimson petals
But eighty-one has got a hold,
And like my heart, it wonít let go

Time has frozen,
And I feel my heart closiní
The flower dies, the momentís gone
But in my eyes, the memory lives on

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