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Song-A-Day Number 20 - Chance

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by Jason Silver

3/9/2008 9:35 p.m.

I don’t believe in you
You cannot be for real
Sure, I can see that you are standing here — but
Come on— we all can see
This living Universe
How to explain that it is all a freak of

Chance? That you can breathe?
Happinstance; How can it be?
Explain it all away, you won’t persuade me - I
Believe it more each day, you can’t disuade me, I
Hope that I convey that there is something more (so much more?)
More than chance

I’ve heard my babies cry
Gasping for primal breath
That’s all the proof that I need to have — but
Look all around you now
Water and earth and sky
How can you believe that it is all a freak of

Now that’s what I call faith
You choose your own way
That’s the chance.

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