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Song-A-Day Number 2 - Screaming

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by Jason Silver
2/10/2008 10:48 p.m.

I want to step into that painting
Be the guy that won’t walk by
I want to make you feel like laughing
I want to change your orangey sky
If I could hold onto the railing
And calm the crayon sea

A messiah for your memory
And a saviour in your dreams

But you keep on screaming
As people pass you by
Can you hear me dreaming
To be your love supply
Nightmare in the morning

Silence in your eyes
You keep on screaming

I know what causes terror
What makes a shoulder hunch
The lie that life is fairer
That leads to Edvard Munch
Pull you to my world of pleasures
Live in creamy blue

Never take defensive measures
Or standard points of view

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